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Address: East Yuer Road Gucheng Dali Yunnan Province 671000, China
Tel: +86-872-266-6666
Fax: +86-872-268-2105

About Hotel

Located in the southwestern part of China, Dali, one of the first recognized 24 international historical and cultural cities by Chinese government, the Regent Hotel is a glamorous and attractive place to rest. There are Changshan Mountains and a vast Erhai Lake embracing the city, together with a long history and beautiful culture, and also recognition in China that 'Dali's mountains are graceful, Dali's waters are beautiful, and Dali's people are the most attractive in the three.' Today, Dali is more open and inviting towards all tourists in and outside China. And the Regent Hotel is here to welcome all who love beauty and life!


  • Performance hall
  • Hokkaido Sauna
  • 36 various KTV Rooms
  • Sport center
  • Tennis field
  • Table tennis room
  • Swimming Pool
  • Chess room
  • Gym
  • Salons


  • The Chinese Restaurant
  • The Western Dining Hall
  • Lobby Bar
  • Café


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